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Lawn Maintenance: Using Organic Weed Killers

Everyone desires to have a lawn that is always neat and beautiful. However, none can testify that maintaining a lawn is easy. This is because the weed will always come back even after you use the most effective chemicals. It will disappear for a while and then grow again and the routine continues. Regardless of how unpleasant the maintenance work is and how you wish that you can get a permanent solution, it is not possible. Because there is no permanent solution for weed elimination! However, you can enhance the safety and the health status of your lawn during maintenance. You can achieve this by using the organic weed killers instead of the chemicals to get rid of the weed. Organic weed killers are methods and techniques that are easy to use and safe not just for your lawn, but to you and your family as well. You know very well that chemicals are very harmful and unsafe to your health and one way to avoid using them is going the natural way, being organic! Here are some ways why organic weed killers are the most preferable for lawn maintenance purposes:

Use boiling water to scald Hot water eliminates the weeds by burning. Though not effective for large lawns, you can use hot water to burn the weed. It has very effective results in small lawns such as between concrete cracks. However, you should be keen not to saturate the other plants since the hot water may kill the other plants too. Also, be careful not to burn yourself. Hand pulling This is among the most effective organic weed killing techniques. This is because it involves uprooting the weed from the soil, including the roots. As a result, you will completely eliminate the weed. However, as effective as it is, hand pulling is slow and therefore, time consuming. Further, it can be very strenuous on your body and so you may require a thick gardening pad and gloves for the job. Use vinegar Vinegar is effective to small weeds more so, those growing along brick walkways or the gravel beds. It is worth knowing that vinegar is very effective and therefore you should only use it in limited amounts so that it is not harmful to other useful plants. Plant more The principle behind planting more is the same that applies in the equatorial forests whereby every plant is in need of sunlight for photosynthesis, nutrients and water. As a result, the plants will tend to compete for these resources, especially if they are limited and in the process, suffocate the small weak plants. In your case as well, planting more flowers or other garden crops will help in reducing and finally eliminating weed in your lawn. This is because more plants will dominate your lawn as well as compete for resources and therefore, suffocating any weed that is growing. The weed will finally die due to lack of food, air and nutrients to sustain it. Use weed torch Weed torch contains propane, which is very effective in killing weeds. It is efficient and will give you the best of results. However, it may require more effort in the case of very deep rooted weeds that are firmly holding on to the ground. Use corn gluten meal Gluten meal will limit the weed through restricting the seed germination. It is very effective in very small weed that is one-two days old and the seeds. A weed that has already grown cannot be eliminated by the corn gluten meal. Still, it is advisable not to use gluten mean where there are other useful seeds like flower seeds since it will eliminate them as well. All in all, many lawn owners will agree that getting rid of weed is not an easy task. If you are looking for professional services in lawn maintenance in Bloomfield, NJ, do contact us today.

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