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Landscaping Tips: Find Out What Flowers Grow Well In Hot And Dry Climates!

Having your garden landscaped to be filled with beautiful flowers which are blooming and flourishing well in any weather condition is indeed a joy to experience. It is a dream for many homeowners because most of the time, flowers are only nicely blossomed at a particular time of the year, or only right after you have planted them. Many places around the world have hot and dry climates and growing something in an unsuitable climate type makes it very difficult for you to grow flowers or even plants in your garden and front yard. It is often a battle to just keep them alive. All plants need a good source of water, nutrients and sunlight to thrive, and the main factor which is hydration is compromised in a hot and dry setting. However, thankfully, there are some plants that would thrive in either a hot or dry climate. In this article, we will take you through what these plants and flowers are. Sea Holly If you want to include some really interesting looking unique flowers into your front yard, then you can consider adding a Sea Holly. Sea holly definitely does not need much maintenance at all because it is a plant and flower that lives off on being neglected. It can thrive in the harshest of conditions without any help. It lives in the poorest soil conditions, without much water or sunlight as well. Yet it is one of the most good looking and beautiful, colorful flowers around in the world. It is very much resistant to droughts and dry weather conditions. It is also resistant to having too low or too high of a salt level in the soil! However, these flowers only look good when they are in small numbers, so when a flower is in its reproductive period, make sure you remove spent flowers so that they do not end up self seeding. Sedum

Sedums are really good looking and great flowers to add to your garden because they are very flexible in their living conditions. They are an ideal plant to grow in hot and dry climates and they are often a popular choice as well. If you want flowers which require no maintenance care at all, then you should place sedum on your shopping list right now! These plants, although they look rather messy and scrappy, they come in all sizes and shapes and you can mold them to look as how you want them to. At the same time, they are resistant to so many weather conditions like lack of water, too much of water, lack of salt, too much of salt and having too little or no sunlight at all. There are plenty of varieties of Sedum available in the market and for your information, the most popular one has a hardy name in itself – it is called the Dragon’s Blood Sedum. It looks as gorgeous as it sounds because it is in a bright and intense red color which attracts your attention from miles away. Moss Verbena Moss Verbena is also called Verbena Tenuisecta. It is a flower that grows low on the ground and it is also quite low profile in terms of maintenance. It not only does well in dry climates but also does well in bad soil conditions as well. This would be a good pick if you are into botany because there are a lot of elements of this flower that can be studied on and researched about. Vinca Vinca flowers are really gorgeous flowers and they look all year round, despite the hot and dry climate you might fear. Vinca blooms well and they reproduce beautifully, so on top of not having to worry about maintaining them, you also don’t need to worry about filling your garden with Vinca on your own. Vinca also comes in different varieties, and choosing a few to fill your garden would be a good idea if you have little time to maintain and attend to your garden every week. Vinca come in handy to help you out with decorating your flower beds, your borders and your rock gardens altogether. The blooms are gorgeous and would always capture your heart despite the season. Their blooms are round and rather flat, but they come with long stems of about 12 to 15 inches long. Only one problem is associated with Vincas, and it is quite an odd one to be honest, because Vincas thrive less well in soil conditions which are overly nourished. So remember not to add too much of fertilizer and nutrients into the soil when you are growing some Vinca! Remember that this is not an exhaustive list and there are a lot more plant and flower varieties that grow well in hot and dry conditions. Ask your botanist or your professional advisor on your landscaping needs today to learn more about what are the other types of plants and flowers you can include into your garden if you are worried about the hot and dry climate!

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