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Masonry & Construction

Asphalt paving services, retaining wall and all type of masonry work

Our crews have extensive experience with everything from massive granite boulders to pea gravel, and including split basalt, slate, river rock, tile, flagstones, brick, and of course, concrete.


  • Paver patios, Brick Interlocking Pavers, Sidewalks, Retaining Wall.

  • Natural stone patios, walkways and concrete block walls, Steps.

  • Belgium Block Curbing.

  • Decorative decks, trellises, pergolas and arbors.

  • Drainage including French drains, dry wells and corrrective grading.

Masonry Services

Here at Charles and Sons Construction & Landscaping, we take pride in giving well-rounded masonry services to our clients around the Essex, Union, Morris and Passaic counties area. Our services not only include the typical masonry works involving bricks and stones but also drainage systems.

Asphalt Paving Service

Charles and Son Construction & Landscaping values providing championship service to our customers. Substandard work is never an option. All of our contractors understand the special aspects of the masonry systems, so you can be sure what we are building will last. From start to finish, we make sure everything is done properly. Testimonials from our clients "enthusiastically" support our excellent work standards.

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