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Planning for Tomorrow - Today!

Planning is the process of goal setting

Developing the approach to achieve those goals; outlining activities; prioritizing them; and creating a schedule that brings you closer to the goals that you set. ... Effective planning is one of the best methods to manage your project.

Why Planning Often Fails

Sometimes planning fails because there is poor understanding of the planning steps or planning concepts.

Consider these tips as you build an approach:

  1. Recognize what part of your brain dominates and where your strengths and weaknesses are.

  2. Accept the difficulty that comes with planning.

  3. Let go of all-or-nothing thinking.

  4. Find unique systems that work for you.

  5. Ask others for help.

  6. Keep trying, even when you're frustrated.

The planning process

Provides the information you need to make effective decisions about how to allocate your resources in a way that will enable the you to reach your objectives. Productivity is maximized and resources are not wasted on projects.

What are advantages of planning? 1. Planning leads to more effective and faster achievements.

2. Planning foresees the future and also makes a provision for it.

What is bad planning?

Lack of planning leads to inadequate preparation, unexpected problems, and poor execution. Poor planning is a worst practice because: If you don't have written plans, you are using your memory to keep track of things. Planning is an excellent tool for getting things out in the open.

What are the 5 P's of planning?

There are five basic tools that all goal setters should equip themselves with to increase their odds of success:

1. Passion

2. Persistence

3. Planning

4. People

5. Positivity.

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