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What Questions Should You Ask A Patio Paver Contractor Before Hiring Him?

Patio pavers can add a touch of elegant beauty to any outdoor space. Furthermore, they come in a wide array of different textures, sizes and colors, making them exceptionally versatile. However, when actualizing a patio landscape design, a minor error can ruin several hours of hard work. Improperly installed patio pavers can be unsightly blights on a perfect landscape. They can often result in a multitude of foundation issues due to the uneven settlings and recurrent drainage problems. This is why it is decisive to select a meticulous and reliable professional contractor to handle patio paver installations. When selecting a patio landscape design firm, it is crucial to ask the right questions so as to get the most appropriate professional for the job at hand. This goes a long way towards ensuring that your patio paving project becomes successful in the long run. Here are some important questions that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff when selecting a patio paver professional. These questions will also help you make a good first impression as a knowledgeable client with high expectations. 1. Are you insured? A contracting service provider must carry liability insurance and his employee’s workers compensation insurance. If he doesn’t, the client becomes responsible for paying for possible damages that might occur to the property during the installation process. To avoid this, it is advisable to ask for proof of insurance before hiring any of the available patio paver contractors in the market. 2. Are you licensed? This might seem an obvious question to some homeowners. However, it is far from it as some contractors do not have the right contracting licenses in the states they operate in. Most states require professional contractors to have active licenses that are regulated through the relevant contractor’s boards. This ensures that they are offering the services they are mandated to offer and in the most professional manner. So before hiring a patio paver contractor for your project, make a point of first determining if he has the right license to operate in your state or even city. 3. What is your work schedule? A reputable and reliable landscaping or patio paver contractor should be able to give a client an applicable work schedule. He should also provide a standard start and stop time for his crew and the number of days it will take to finish your project. The client shouldn’t have to second guess when the contractor or his employees would show up for the job at hand. 4. Do you offer a warranty on the products you used or a guarantee on your work? Any patio paver contractor with its salt will be able to give you limited time warranty for their products and services. A reputable patio paver contractor also won’t charge for repairs that are done within a given duration of time after the patio pavers are installed. 5. Do you offer a written contract?

It is very important for a landscaping design contractor to put the scope of the work in writing. If a potential contractor won’t offer more than a handshake, it is recommended that you look for a different service provider. 6. Do you provide an estimate? Every client has a right to know how much a patio paving installation might cost. Your chosen contractor should be able to provide you with a fixed price for the work, not just a price range. 7. Can you help me design the right patio space? A patio paver design should meet both your short term and long term needs. These designs are critical to the success of your project. So ensure to select a patio paving professional that will listens to your needs and then offer a workable plan that will take into account how the available space can be used. In a majority of cases, your intended use should help the contractor to determine the materials selection, size and location of your patio space. 8. Can you provide me with referrals? An experienced and knowledgeable contractor will happily provide you with at least four referrals for work verification purposes. He will also readily grant your request to visit a number of sites where he installed similar projects. For this to happen, he will also agree and coordinate to talk with the home’s owner so as to have access to the project’s site. If on the other hand a contractor gives you a hard time when you request for a referral, then it means he has something to hide. If this happens, simply look for different contractor. 9. How do you plan to handle the patio paver installation? Apart from being able to give you a workable contract and project’s estimate, an experienced and thus reliable contractor should easily tell you how he plans to handle your project. This includes discussing patio base preparations, amount and types of materials to be used, drainage considerations and compaction process explanations. This company also should help you to select the most appropriate materials for your project and provide you with all relevant information for its success. All in all, although patio paver installation might seem like a simple task, a quality job requires attention to details and careful planning. Choosing the right installation professional is the first step towards creating a unique outdoor living space of any homeowner’s dreams!

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